Common Myths About Apprenticeships

People are usually more scared of the unknown. If you have ever worked as an apprentice or plan on doing so separating the truth and lies is sometimes difficult. Here, we go over some common myths and see if there is any truth to them:

1. Apprentices are failures

People often have the notion that doing dental apprenticeships or any other form of apprenticeship is for those who find it difficult to pass in school. This is very untrue because if you decide on going to university or college, apprenticeship is a very good and recognized route. There is also intermediate apprenticeship which is equal to five GCSE passes, and take it from there up to your bachelor’s degree and even higher They are really good A level alternatives and also have the added benefit of learning in the real world.

2. Its only For Those Who Want To Learn Trade

This is also very false because it is not only dental apprenticeships that are available. Apprenticeship is also available in almost every other industry you can think of. For example engineering, health sector, I.T, construction, agriculture, music, sports and leisure and almost all the industries out there. Therefore, irrespective of your industry of choice, there is an apprenticeship plan for you.

3. Limited opportunities Of Progress

Contrary to popular opinion, becoming an apprentice and learning from the best gives you a greater opportunity in an industry you have always had in mind even when you have little experience. If you are even great during the program you have a very great chance of getting employed after.

4. Student Perks

You will have the same opportunities and perks that traditional students have. You will also be getting paid to learn so you have fewer debts to worry about and your employment opportunity will be much higher than a traditional student when you complete your course.

We can see that some of the common thoughts about apprenticeship are really not true.